Friday, November 17, 2006

Don Carlo, Baltsa, Ramey, Ricciarelli, O Neil

Here s an in-house Carlo from the ROH of Covent Garden. 10 years after the 1979 Eboli, Baltsa's resources for this role are less but the intensity and drama are amazing, so is the singing. This is one of Agnes' last Ebolis.

Next to Agnes, an excellent Samuel Ramey (well, i always find him excellent actually), a rather dull Dennis O Neil and Katia Ricciarelli past her prime but still quite good.

In-house recording. Sound variable. For an in-house its good. Some bars of music missing, especially at the beggining of the acts/scenes (not always). 5 Acts version

Don Carlo

London, 3 April 1989

Elisabetta Katia Ricciarelli

Eboli Agnes Baltsa

Don Carlo Dennis O’Neill

Rodrigo Gino Quilico

Filippo Samuel Ramey

Cond: Giuseppe Patane

Use HJsplit to join the files. ripped at 192 kbps. Tracked. Tags NOT Greek.

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