Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Requiem - Mozart - Karajan - TomowaSintow, Baltsa, Krenn, Van Dam

hi all!
this is one of the famous Requiem that this, selected by the great Herbert group of singers, sang in New York in 1976. All these amazing singers that Karajan was obsessed with and wouldnt replace easily. (In his words: "Toscanini never had access to a voice like hers - she can hit C sharp at nine o'clock in the morning."-for Anna Tomowa-Sintow) These performances have never been broadcast and they re quite rare.

W.A. Mozart
Van Dam

BPO - Herbert Von Karajan
New York 15 November 1976

(I dont know why i wrote salzburg AND NY....It s some kind of a
reflex, when i think of Karajan)

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Mikael said...

Thanks a LOT for this.
I be searching especially for this Requiem (With Karajan and Tomowa-Sintow)
Thanks Thanks Thanks ^^