Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Il Trovatore Baltsa/Studer

This is a performance that someone should own mainly for two reasons: The very rare and absolutely haunting performance of Baltsa as Azzucena (i think it was the only Azuccena she ever sang, or one of the very few) is the first reason. The second, is the incredible reception of the public towards Friedrich Kalt and Cheryl Studer! You wont believe your ears....the Booing is so loud for both especially after the Pira and D'amor sull ali rosee. And of course the public is divided into booers and fans who wont stop argue after Studer's rendition of the aria...I wouldnt
like to be in her position....Well the fact is that she doesnt sing well but its not THAT bad...(as i read in a magazine lately, the reaction of the public was actually due to the production of the
opera.In a bombed Sarajevo-like stage the singers wearing very ugly clothes- Baltsa agreed to wear the clothes but didnt accept to have not even one foto taken...)

Here is the cast:

Il Trovatore

Leonora: Cheryl Studer
Manrico: Friedrich Kalt
Azzucena: Agnes Baltsa
Di Luna: Sergei Leiferkus
Ferrando: Kurt Rydl
Ines: Ruxandra Donose
Zubin Mehta
Vienna Staatsoper, 22 October 1993

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