Thursday, December 7, 2006

Jose Carreras&Sumi Jo Live in Athens 2005

The original anouncement was that the two stars of the concert would be Agnes Baltsa and Jose Carreras but just a few days before the concert Agnes claimed personal reasons and didnt appear. The rumours say that Agnes didnt want to appear in the vast Odeon of Herodes Atticus- an open air roman odeon- using microphones but Jose would only appear with microphone. Well, the solution was given by the replacement of Agnes by Sumi Jo. The concert was a huge success and the two singers payed off the public's adoration with 8 (!!!!!) encore!

Here's the program of the night- all orchestral excluded

1. Luna Nova - Mario P. Costa, JC
2. Era de Maggio - Mario P. Costa JC
3. Je veux vivre - Romeo et Juliette/Gounod SJ
4. Rosó "Pel teu amor" - Ricard Ribas JC
5. La ci darem la mano - Don Giovanni, JC-SJ
6. O luce di quest' anima - Linda di Chamounix SJ
7. E la solita Storia - Arlesianna - JC
8. Silenzio Cantatore - Gaetano Lama JC
9. Vurria- Furio Rendine - JC
10. Vilja o vilja - Merry Widow, Lehar SJ
11. Lippen Schweigen - Merry Widow, JC&SJ
12. Musica Proibita - Stanislao Gastaldon JC
13. Glitter and be gay - Candide, Bernstein, SJ
14. No puede ser - La Tabernera del puerto , Sorozabal JC

8 encores, among others Summertime (Porgy and Bess), Core'ngrato, All i ask of you (Phantom), Chitarra Romana, Brindisi from Traviata, Santa Lucia etc

Athens State Orchestra - David Gimenez
Athens, Odeon of Herodes Atticus, 28 June 2005
Excellent open air recording
All tracks fit on 1 CD! (about 79 minutes long)
Ripped at 192kbps
2 links, second one is very small file (about 10MB)

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