Friday, February 23, 2007

Dimitra Theodossiou Live in Thessaloniki 2002

This is a Gala in the memory of Maria Callas and it was given in the presence of Agnes Baltsa, Nicola Zaccaria (who we dont see a lot and his presence is quite rare), Kiki Morfoniou, Arda Mandikian and others greek singers.

Dimitra in 2002 wasnt that tired as she appears to be now, after all this heavy repertoire she has been singing and she gives marvelous renditions of all arias (well, i will forgive her the lapsus at the finale of Sempre Libera...). And this is a very demanding program indeed! Traviata, Forza, Bolena, Liu, Tosca, Manon Lescaut etc...!!! I have ommited all orchestral parts 'cause the file would be huge...

Dimitra Theodossiou, soprano
Nikos Athinaios conductor
Thessaloniki State Orchestra

1. D'amor sull ali rosee (Trovatore, Verdi)
2. Tu che le vanita (Don Carlo, Verdi)
3. Sola perduta abbandonata (Manon Lescaut, Puccini)
4. Tu, che di gel sei cinta (Turandot, Puccini)
5. Casta Diva (Norma, Bellini)
6. Piangete voi?.....Al dolce guidami (Anna Bolena, Donizetti)
7. E strano....sempre libera (Traviata, Verdi)
8. Vissi d arte (Tosca)
9. Pace, pace mio Dio (Forza del Destino)

Ps. I just remembered this: The next person who will start coughing so loudly while Dimitra-or anybody else is singing, will receive a minidisc on the head-or whatever i have handy, a book, a mobile...anything (just listen to D'Amor sull ali rosee"...i wished she-the one coughing-would die asfixiated...)


Petros said...

Πάρζιφαλ, καλημέρα
υπάρχει περίπτωση να ηχογραφήσεις κάποια από τις τρέχουσες παραστάσεις του Ναμπούκο με την GULEGHINA?

Parsifal said...

Οχι βέβαια! για ποιόν με πέρασες; Για κανέναν εγκληματία πειρατή; Απορώ πως σου πέρασε αυτη η ιδέα απ το μυαλο...τσ τσ τσ....