Thursday, February 22, 2007

Edita Gruberova live in Athens 1997

This is a piece of operatic history...The first appearance ever (and the last) of the miraculous Edita Gruberova in Greece. I ve seen this idol of mine a couple of times on stage (i still can hear her singing the final cabaletta of Beatrice di Tenda when i close my eyes!) but i must say that i was totally blown away by her voice in this, first time i heard this wonder of nature! Unfortunately, the recital is not complete and ends during Adele's aria from Die Fledermaus. BUT! It is by far one of the most historical nights of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Edita was singing a double bill recital next to Barbara Hendricks...Of course Edita was conducted by her hubbie, Friedrich Haider while another maestro did the first part of the concert with Hendricks. And after the "peacefull" performance by Barbara, came the hurricane Edita who absolutely burnt down the house! Standing ovation, people yelling and cheering (i 'm sure that 99% of the audience was there by mere coincidence but they were also amazed by her ringing high notes and her flawless coloratura. Buuuff, i could write a whole book about my adoration towards Edita....

Edita is singing Zerbinetta, Lucia, Linda and Adele / 9th of September of 1997, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House of Covent Garden under Fr. Haider.


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