Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Elektra, Athens 1st of March

Nadine Secunde and Inga Nielsen,
photo from the rehearsals.

hi all
this is the premiere of ELEKTRA at the Athens Megaron. The recording is (almost) perfect...some coughing every now and then but nothing particularly annoying... HIGHLY recommended as this, the premiere, is by far the BEST among this series of performances (and believe me, i have recordings of all 4 performances...),


Klytaemnestra: Agnes Baltsa (don't blame me, the Megaron site gives the cast with Baltsa's name first)
Elektra: Nadine Secunde
Chrysothemis: Inga Nielsen
Aegisth: Arild Helleland
Orest: Harry Peeters

Overseer: Julia Sougklakou
Serving women: Maria Vlahopoulou, Maria Mitsopoulou, Eleni Liona
The rest of the serving women and rest of the cast unkown.

Athens State Orchestra
Conductor: Johan Arnell
Athens, Megaron, 1st of March 2007



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