Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Juan Diego Florez rules!!!! Yes, i know, i ve said it a thousand times.

Ok, its the truth, i can't live without listening to Juan Diego's voice! I own a huge collection of his recordings (mainly pirate in-house know me...) and dvds and i have spent many many days listening to his Idreno in Semiramide, Tonio in La Fille du regiment, Almaviva in Barbiere etc! I just can't live without his absolutely fantastic high C's! You can find me driving on the Kifissias Ave. listening to "Ah mes amies" over and over again, to the highest possible volume (well, Florez is a defeaning experience). But Juan Diego is not only High C's! He is a very sensitive singer that can bring tears to your eyes interpretating roles like Nemorino in L'Elisir d'amore. And as today i am in a very "sensitive" mood, i started my day with Juan Diego singing Una furtiva Lacrima. Mafniiiiiificeeeeent!
Here it is for you all: Juan Diego singing Nemorino at Las Palmas de Las Canarias

L' Elisir d'Amore
Nemorino: Juan Diego Florez
Adina: Laura Giordano
Dulcamara: Alfonso Antoniozzi
Belcore: Jose Julian Frontal
Gianetta: Davinia Rodriguez

Orchestra Filarmonica di Gran Canaria
Dir. Riccardo Frizza
Teatro Cuyas, Las Palmas 16 april 2005
In-house recording, great sound



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GtelloZ said...

I downloaded this 'l'elisir" Zip file and can't opne any of the tracks 'cause the syntax is in you have any recommendation about this? Thx!