Sunday, March 11, 2007

No Dimitra, no party.

I was checking Dimitra Theodossiou's calendar for the next year but i saw no Athens included...What the f***??? Dimitra is singing all around Europe but not in Athens? grrrrr....Anyway, i dont think that there is a lot of space in the 2007/8 cartellone of the Greek National Opera for Dimitra: What is almost certain for next year is Tanhauser (no comment), Tancredi, Boheme and the repetition of Nabucco with Guleghina, this time at the Athens Megaron (yes, same production, Nazis, ninja and Xena, all blended). Hmmmm...what about watching Dimitra as Abigaille there? Who knows, but i m quite sure that none of the two Divas will agree to sing second cast. Anyway, if I could choose an opera for next season, that would definitely be Roberto Devereux. Wonderful piece, really exciting and with Dimitra its THRILLING! (Well, i wouldnt say no to a Roberto with Edita but i find Dimitra's interpretation more convincing). Soooo, in order to justify what i say, here is some proof:
One of the Greatest Elisabettas ever, in the League of Gencer, Sills, Caballe, Gruberova, here is Dimitra Theodossiou singing the last 15 minutes of Roberto Devereux (Vivi 'ngrato-Quel sangue..)

Enjoy this great recording HERE

Ancona, 22 January 2006.... ;)

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