Monday, April 9, 2007

An Easter Chronicle...

Here is the short story of The mighty 10 that once again
gathered aaaaaall together at the nice country house on the
mounts of Pilio! Lots of food and wine, lots of Trivial Pursuit
-80's Edition ("ok, we ve said that a thousand times, it was
Tom Cruise starring "Risky Business"!!!), and of course some
hiking and some laying on the beach...

Special Guest appearance: Milly the Mighty Dog! Our beloved
Intefix-like westy that we always carry with us!

Milly is a natural! Look at the way she moves
towards the camera!

Milly dressed by J.P.Gaultier (or was it
Werner Fassbinder?)

Arrival at the house! Lets check the view! Great!

And the petit garden!

Day One: Even if we 're on the mountains,
we still yearn for the sea...

Thats the way to get to one of my favourite beaches...

And the view from above...

Day Two: Visiting a very old village on the mountain...

And of course we wouldnt miss this traditional taverna at the central square
(they get frightened every time they see us all
as we order whatever there is on the menu X4)

Sunday, day four: Taking the path to another
wonderful beach!

Yeaaaap, this is it!

Last but not least: Its not really typical
greek to eat the traditional Easter Lamb
at a restaurant with this view! But we did it!

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