Sunday, April 29, 2007

Great news mates!

A couple of years ago, a rumour had spread in Greece...Dame Gwyneth Jones would sing Klytemnaestra at the archeological site of the Ancient Mycenae. There was a great expectation but soon enough the rumour was forgotten. It seems that, that was no rumour, that something was going on back then, and that someone was trying to put together a new summer Opera Festival in Greece...

What has actually happened is that this festival seems to be a reality and this year it will have its debut!


The Nafplion Opera Festival is an International Celebration of Music and Opera created to produce operas on Greek subjects at the sites which inspired them, offering the unique opportunity to enjoy great music in the home of Western Civilization.

Based in the lovely Venetian city of Nafplion (an hour and a half south of Athens), with itsfine hotels and restaurants, shadowed by the massive Frankish/Ottoman fortress of Palamidi, the Festival will use dramatic Argolid archeological sites as settings for operas and concerts. In this first season, Richard Strauss’ Elektra will be performed at Ancient Mycenae, where Strauss conceived it.

The Festival is presented by the Nafplion Opera Company, a Greek not-for-profit Company and the Atlantic Arts Foundation, an American Foundation with IRS 501 c 3 designation.


Richard Strauss


Lisa Gasteen, Rosalind Plowright, Silvana Dussmann,

Siegfried Jerusalem, Alan Held

The Spoleto Festival USA Orchestra

Emmanuel Villaume, Conductor

Choral Concerts

The Trinity Choir

Owen Burdick, Conductor

Orchestral Concerts

Richard Strauss: Till Eulenspiegel

Paul Dukas: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Gustav Mahler: Symphony no.4

Mozart: Piano Concerto

Johannes Brahms: Symphony no.4"

YES, that's right! Elektra, the sequel! (it's gonna be the second Elektra in Athens during 2007) and at the REAL site of the opera... And yes, this is gonna be Rosalind Plowright's debut as Klytemnaestra (not Gwyneth Jones unfortunately) and the cast is stellar!

There also gonna be a GALA WELCOME WEEKEND which will include the following:

22 to 24 June 2007

Friday, 22 June

Welcome Buffet Lunch, Visit to Prizewinning Peloponnesian Folklore Museum, Panel Discussion of Greek Subjects in Opera, Cocktail Reception, Gala Concert at Palea Epidaurus Theatre, After Performance Dinner with Artists at Seaside Taverna

Saturday, 23 June

Morning tour of Mycenae Citadel and Museum, Lunch at Spyro’s Taverna, Mycenae, Panel Discussion of Strauss’ Elektra, Cocktail reception at Mycenae Museum, Elektra Premiere, Gala Dinner with the Artists in Mycenae

Sunday, 24 June

Morning visit to Fortress of Palamidi,“Morning After” discussion of Elektra with artists,Special Patron Concert,Buffet Lunch with artists, Cocktails at Nafplion harbor, Orchestra Concert, Reception with artists

I wouldn't mind drinking a Cosmo with Rosalind Plowright! Not at all actually!

For more info
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ATabor said...


Gloriana said...

De tha antexo 2i Elektra mesa se ena xrono...

Gloriana said...


Willym said...

Sounds exciiting. My partner and I spent a few days in Napflion back in 2000. Beautiful town and lovely area - great restaurants too. I remember saying to him that it would be exciitng to see Electra (sung or spoken) at the original site. It was so wild and had a certain foreboding about it - okay I'm being romantic but.... so are you going?

Gloriana said...

Pantos poly karagiozliki moy fainetai ayto me ta coctails kai tin koybentoyla me toys protagonistes prin tin parastasi. MA EINAI DYNSATON TOP ROI THS PARATSASHS H PRIMADONNA NA KATHETAI NA KOYBENTIAZE ME TON KOSMO???? DE GINONTAI AUTA RE PAIDIA!!!

Στέφανος Νάσος said...

Καθόλου καραγκιοζιλίκια Γκλοριάνα.
Απλώς "αμερικανιές" γνωστές και συνηθισμένες στο νέο κόσμο. (βλ. γιατί ο Μπάρενμποϊμ άφησε το Σικάγο και άλλα τέτοια...)

[σχόλιο για το ποστ της θέσης εργασίας]
Αλήθεια, πόσοι Έλληνες διαθέτουν πτυχίο (συνήθως μάστερ) καλλιτεχνικής διαχείρισης ή αλλιώς διαχείρισης τεχνών; (τυπικό προσόν για τη θέση...)

Anonymous said...

Did someone write..."unfortunately not Rosalind Plowright"....what an error. As much as I respect Gwyneth Jones for what she has achieved, Plowright in the role of Klytemnestra is an absolute dream. Surely one of the greatest singing actresses of our time and that is exactly what Klytemnestra needs. However, it is all academic now as Nafplion has been cancelled. People wanting to see Rosalind Plowright as Klytemnestra will have to wait until September 2008 when she debuts the role in Seattle.