Tuesday, April 17, 2007

OMG! Myrto in the new production of La Traviata in Rome???

We all know that Opera Chic is like the Holy Bible for opera bloggers! And she always "gives food" to me and my friends (especially when the subject is Angela you-know-who!). But today Opera Chic offered me the Apocalypse! In her new post about the Rome Traviata she states that "Gheorghiu will sing only on the nights of the 20 and 24: the other Violettas will be Irina Lungu, Myrto Papatanasiu and Anna Rita Taliento". After recovering from the petit stroke i suffered for a moment, i realised what i had just read: Myrto Papatanasiu! Myrto? Papatanasiu? Holly Molly! My friend Myrto is in Rome rehearsing for the Traviatas???? With Frengo (this is an OC term)?

I instanly sent her a (quite naughty) SMS and the answer came some time later-while i was watching Goya's Ghosts at the movies. Well, it seems that pretty Myrto (SHE IS A BEAUTY!) is indeed in Rome having a great time and working with Franco!

Myrto, apart from a beauty, is a great singer- i know her since she was a student in Thessaloniki and i had met her during a Delores Ziegler Masterclass (back in 1998?). It was then when i first heard her, singing "Come Scoglio" and then in Thessaloniki singing Marzelline next to Cheryl Studer's Leonore in Fidelio! I lost contact for some time untill i found out that she had won a Maria Callas scholarship (or was it the Alexandra Trianti scholarship?) . Next i watched her at a Gala some years ago in Athens singing Elvira's Mad Scene from I Puritani! And then she sang Finta Giardiniera again in Athens...She is stunning on stage.

She has also recorded for NAXOS Rossini's Il Turco in Italia (singing Fiorilla, check it out here ). I would be more than glad to provide you with the recordings of Myrto i own, like the Gala i mention above, or 2 Don Giovannis that have been broadcast the past year (from Amsterdam and Vienna) or the Thessaloniki-Studer Fidelio that i have on a high quality dvd. Anyway, i only have 2 things to declare: BRAVAAAAAAAA MYRTO! and In bocca al lupo!

ps. Here is a review i found @ Operaclick:
Il giovane soprano greco Myrto’ Papatanasiu è stata un’ ottima Fiordiligi; palpitante, nobile, tesa. La voce, seppur non grandissima, è bella ed impiegata con intelligenza; le agilità sono sicure come pure gli acuti, corposo il registro medio. Complete review here

A very young Myrto at the Thessaloniki Fidelio

Myrto as Donna Anna in Vienna!

Myrto as Fiordiligi (in Genova i think...)

Another foto from the Vienna Giovanni
with Gerald Finley, Heidi Brunner etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Parsifal. I was directed to your blog by a friend. She told me about you having the Fidelio from Thessaloniki on dvd. Can you upload some scenes to YouTube? For example, "Abscheulicher", "Er sterber", "O namenlose Freude", "Gott! Welch Dunkel hier", and the final ensemble? That would be great. I believe the Leonore was Cheryl Studer and the Florestan was Mark Baker. Thank you!