Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Unknown Teresa Stratas!

Hi all! This is a compilation of rare Teresa Stratas recordings! These selections come from a pirate LP of live performances (NOT a commercial recording). It was issued by Ralph Ferandina, who went by the name of Mr.Tape. He had an enormous collection of tapes of live performances, and sold open reel tapes and LP's. He went out of business many years ago...It was sent to me by an american friend of mine some days ago and after spending many days listening to it while riding my car all over Athens, i thought i should offer it to you too...


1.Puccini: GIANNI SCHICCHI - O mio babbino caro

2.Puccini: SUOR ANGELICA - Senza mamma

3.Charpentier: LOUISE - Depuis le jour
4.Charpentier: LOUISE - Depuis le jour

5.Boito: MEFISTOFELE - Lontano, sui flutti du'un ampio oceano

6.Massenet: MANON - St. Sulpice Scene

7.Massenet: MANON - St. Sulpice Scene (with Giuseppe di Stefano)

8.Gounod: FAUST - Le roi de Thule� & Jewel Song

9.Puccini: LA BOHEME - Donde lieta usci

10.Mozart: DON GIOVANNI - Vedrai, carino

11.Offenbach: LA PERICHOLE - The Letter Song

12.Offenbach: LA PERICHOLE - The Tipsy Aria

13.Offenbach: LA PERICHOLE - My Lords and Ladies I salute you

14.Offenbach: LA PERICHOLE - How Men Can Be So Silly�

15.Offenbach: LA PERICHOLE - I Adore You, My Sweet

16.Offenbach: LA PERICHOLE - I Love You

17.Pestalozza: Ciribiribin (with chorus)

18.Kern: SHOWBOAT - Make Believe

19.Porter: KISS ME KATE - So In Love

Download HERE


Patrick said...

One year later, thank you from the bottom of my Stratas-loving heart.

illumination said...

and almost another year later: Thanks so much from me, too. I have the record, but since I don't have a record player anymore, I haven't heard it in ages...
She was one hell of a singer!!