Thursday, May 3, 2007

Magic Flute! Das ist the coolest thing to do tonight!

Finally, finally, Kenneth Branagh's Magic Flute is in Athens!!!! Opening night, tonight! But only one cinema all over the big city hosts Mozart's masterpiece! Spiderman 3 seems to be more interesting to the greekzzzz.....

So, tonight i guess you 'll find me watching The Magic Flute at "Ideal" eating pop-corn and lip-syncing to the tunes of Tamino, Pamina and my favourite Alexis-Colby-Carrington-like Queen of the Night!

(I would give my right arm in order to watch Joan Collins singing Der Holle Rache!!! hehehe, No, i'm not "high").

1 comment:

Gloriana said...

Oooooh! The infamous Alexis as Queen of the Night? How old is she now??? (Am I bitch?)