Friday, May 4, 2007

Sit back, relax and close your eyes...

Little Parsifal wouldn't leave you without a "babae" gift! Yes. you guessed right! This is Renee Fleming in Paris singing Thais! (The foto of course is not mine, i "stole" it from "of the kosmos" excellent blog and i thank him/her for this).

Some comments on the performance: Renee and Finley are spectacular! Amazing! Glorious! I wish i had the chance to be there on that night... On the other hand there is this substitute tenor who spoils all the fun...I have no idea what this guy is doing on stage next to Renee and Gerald...Oh, and one more thing: the audience goes WILD!

Opéra en version de concert
Jules Massenet

Direction musicale Christoph Eschenbach

Thaïs Renée Fleming
Athanaël Gerald Finley
Nicias Fabrice Dalis
Palémon Nicolas Courjal
Le serviteur de Nicias Laurent Alvaro
Crobyle Marie Devellereau
Albine Caitlin Hulcup
La Charmeuse Rebecca Bottone
Myrtale Nora Sourouzian

Orchestre de Paris
Chœur Accentus
Direction artistique Laurence Equilbey

21st of April, 2007

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Enjoy! And write a comment (or two).

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mahler76 said...

Rgo den iksera kan pos ipirhe i opera opote gia mena ine 2pli hara na tin akouso. Thanks Pars!