Monday, July 2, 2007

OMG! June Anderson reads my blog!


...Or so it seems, 'cause last night was an absolute triumph, especially for June Anderson! She, together with Beatrice Uria-Monzon and Dimitri Kavrakos offered us a wonderful night under the stars.
Here's what they sang:

First Part

Carmen Habanera - Seguidille (B. Uria-Monzon)

Macbeth - Banquo's aria (D. Kavrakos)

Samson et Dalila - Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix (B. Uria-Monzon)

Werther- Air des lettres - Air des larmes (B. Uria-Monzon)

Don Carlo Ella Giamai m' amo (D. Kavrakos)

O Don fatale (B. Uria-Monzon)

Second Part

Norma Casta Diva (J. Anderson)

Mira o Norma ( J.Anderson-B.Uria-Monzon)

La Sonnambula - Ah Non credea mirarti - Ah non giunge ( J. Anderson )

La Traviata - E strano - Sempre libera (J. Anderson)

Encore: O mio babbino caro ( J. Anderson)


Highlights of the Gala: Beatrice Uria-Monzon came on stage wearing no shoes, but just a (very elegant) little black dress. She was absolutely stunning (she's a doll! visit her official website for more pics) even if she had some problems with the projection of her voice in the huge open-air Roman Odeon. Best of Beatrice: Her two Charlotte arias from Werther! Heartbreaking!

Dimitri Kavrakos gave us a breathtaking rendition of Filippo II aria that was received with a tremendous ovation just like Banquo's aria.

June Anderson, elegantly coiffed and gowned was pure perfection. Total control of her voice, volume, her voice would pass through the thick orchestration and climb up to the most remote point of the theatre.

Funny or not so funny: A dog sang a duett together with ms. Anderson! Yes, this is the first rendition of Casta Diva for orchestra, soprano and a dog. And then Mira o Norma became a trio (for soprano, mezzo and a dog). Then suddenly the dog's voice dissapeared...I don't wanna know what happened to the poor creature...hehehe.

The recording of last night is being processed but Parsifal just waits to receive his new PC later this week....


mahler76 said...

Kainourgio PC!!! Ti oraia treleinomai gia pcagores!!! Ade me to kalo!

Cinestef said...

Καλορίζικο το νέο πισί!

Alma said...

Elpizw h epexergasia na mhn krathsei poly...Adymonw!

Alma said...

Parathetw kai to sxolio tou Sbwlou gia thn bradya ths Kyriakhs:,id=13432388 Exei endiaferon oti somehow epibebaiwnei ta peri Dessay kai Kasarova...Gia na dume vre paides, tha ginei to thayma?

Gloriana said...

Dessay apo official pigi DEN ERXETAI TELIKA...