Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Turandot, Athens 2003 with the complete Alfano finale!

hi all!
This was a second cast performance, first cast being Galina Kalinina with Vladimir Galouzine - also available 2 performances of the first cast, not the most flawless Turandot in the world but it features the complete Alfano finale - without the Toscanini cuts- that makes it really exciting.


Turandot: Giovanna Casolla
Calaf: Lando Bartolini
Liu: Althea-Maria Papoulia
Altum: Aldo Orsolini
Timur: Carlo Cigni
Pang: Giorgio Trucco
Pong: Nicola Pamio
Ping: Pierro Terranova
Mandarino: Aris Argiris

The Athens Megaron, 10 April 2003
Athens State Orchestra
Maestro Donato Renzetti

2 links, 2 cd's, CD1: 5tracks, CD2: 9tracks. Excellent in-house sound
ripped at 192kbps



Gloriana said...

Thanks Parsi!

Diladi o THEOS Galuzin den itan sto proto cast?

Exo mperdeytei!!!

Parsifal said...

Auto einai deutero cast! Sto prwto cast htan Kalinina-Galouzine

Gloriana said...


Parsifal said...

Kalinina Turandot, Galouzine Calaf kai Norberg-Sulz Liu.