Friday, August 10, 2007

Due furtive lacrime...

I' m sure that you don't expect me to tell you this, but i just wanted to share it with you:

Puccini was T-H-E master of human emotion.

And to make myself clear:

The past few days i watched two different performances of Suor Angelica. No.1, this year's telecast from the Met with Barbara Frittoli, No.2, a 1987 performance from Madrid with Diana Soviero. Both excellent performances, both Frittoli and Soviero give us amazing interpretations.

To the point:

In both performances i would catch myself moved to tears at the finale. Final curtain would find me devastated. And imagine that Suor Angelica is not a favourite (well, mine it is), it's a rarely performed opera that has not been performed in Athens -for example- for ages (was Maria Kalogeropoulos the last Suor Angelica in the Greek capital? find this out we would have to do some research).

So, if you 're in a mood, pour yourselves a glass of wine, sit in front of your TV-set (big or small screen, flat, plasma or LCD, cheap or expensive, with a 5.1 Dolby Digital surround system or not, believe me, the emotion will be the same..) and enjoy yourselves to tears...


Ιλάρια said...

Φανταστηκόσ! Barbara Frittoli παίζει Suor Angelica πολύ καλά! Ελπίζω πάρα πολύ να την βλέπω alla Scala τον επόμενο Μάρτιο!!

Gloriana said...

molis eida tin parastasi se magnitoskopisi.

H Frittoli einai sygklonistiki.