Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Per request: Turandot, Athens 1996

Dear Mahler (not the dead one you fools) requested an old Turandot from Athens. Soooo, Parsifal sneaked into his 200 m2 cd-room (i'm kidding, its no more than 10 m2) and after 15 minutes of search found it. An open-air Turandot from the Odeon Of Herodes Atticus back in 1996 with a very good cast! Francesca Patane had caused a great sensation as Turandot back in the 90's due to her wonderful dramatic soprano but also due to her looks. Next to her, the veteran Nicola Martinucci singing the role that made him famous worldwide.

Turandot G. Puccini

Turandot: Francesca Patane
Calaf: Nicola Martinucci
Liu: Althea Maria Papoulia
Timur: Julian Konstantinov
Mandarin: Panayotis Athanasopoulos
Ping: Tassis Christoyannnis
Pong: Antonis Koroneos (!!)
Pang: Makis Gabriilides
Altum: Thanos Petrakis

Lukas Karytinos
The Greek National Opera Orchestra
Athens, Odeon Of Herodes Atticus
June 1996


Enjoy and write your comments!


mahler76 said...

Elpizo na min parexigithei to Stefani but I love you.

mahler76 said...

Pados an ftaseis na eheis requests kai apo ton original Mahler afto tha itan treli epitihia!!!

Parsifal said...

A na xatheis krye.

Gloriana said...

Malher ELEOS!
Posa cast Turandot yparxoyn stin Ellada? EXO MPERDEYTEI ENTELOS.

mahler76 said...

Tora egina to fasoma i ohi????

farinelli said...

Όπερα ρούφα.