Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lucia di Lammermoor, Thessaloniki 3 Oct. 2004

The subtitle of this post could read: The night that Parsifal met Renata Scotto!

This is a personal private recording of the amazing Elena Mosuc singing Lucia in Thessaloniki, at the Megaron ( It was Mosuc's first appearance in Greece (a series of I Puritani would follow) and the greeks loved her! Parsifal loved her too and he always keeps Elena's "A Parsifal dal cuore-Elena Mosuc" autograph framed at the library next to those by Edita Gruberova, Agnes Baltsa, Dimitra Theodossiou, Joan Sutherland etc etc. (***there's also one by Diana Krall but it deserves-and has got-it's own section***).

Renata Scotto was the stage director of this Lucia di Lammermoor (for the second time working in Thessaloniki after a most successful Butterfly) and did a pretty good job! She was present throughout the performances (all of them!) and she never refused an autograph, a handshake or a hug (Parsifal gave her many many hugs backstage) .

The sound of the recording is very good (from the first rows of the orchestra) but still you can recognize the echoe of the Thessaloniki Megaron...

G. Donizetti
Lucia Di Lammermoor

Lucia: Elena Mosuc
Edgardo: Gioacchino Li Vigni
Enrico: Roberto Servile
Arturo: Yannis Ikonomou
Raimondo: Dimitri Kavrakos
Alisa: Maria Vlahopoulou
Normanno: Dimitri Nalbantis

Dir. Francesco Maria Colombo
The Thessaloniki Megaron, October the 3d, 2004

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Gloriana said...

Re sy Parsi, meta to Natalaki einai dynaton na mporei kaneis na anextei alli Lucia?