Friday, October 5, 2007


It's been quite a few months since i last enjoyed soooo much an Issue of OperaNews! The new, October issue is a capolavoro!! Many interesting articles, a Joyce Di Donato cover (we love you Yankee Diva!), a Joyce Di Donato interview, a Joyce Di Donato behind-the-scenes video (online exclusive). Here are some more:

Top of the Fach
Only a select few sopranos can manage the demands of a career based in singing Wagner. RICHARD SPEER speaks with three of the best: American Linda Watson, Australian Lisa Gasteen and Swede Nina Stemme.

Beverly Sills's stature as a one-woman cultural institution sometimes overshadowed her brilliant accomplishments onstage. IRA SIFF savors the legacy of Sills the singer.

Das Lied von der Ludwig
Onstage and off, Christa Ludwig's life has been marked by a generous spirit and deep commitment — and all of it found its way into her voice. PETER G. DAVIS celebrates the extraordinary Christa.

Photographed at home in Klosterneuburg, Austria, by Johannes Ifkovits
© Johannes Ifkovits 2007

Look to the Lady
As the Met prepares to open a new Macbeth this month, WILLIAM R. BRAUN probes the complex challenges of the role of Lady Macbeth.

Reunion: Margaret Price! Yes, this is actually Margaret Price, photographed by Malcolm Crowthers in Ceibwr Bay, Wales, with her 5 golden retrievers.

But what i enjoyed the most was this:

The Short Happy Life of Elena Suliotis
JAMES C. WHITSON remembers the soprano who skyrocketed through the opera world in the 1960s.

Don't miss it!



Gloriana said...

5 labrador i Price? EYGE THS!!!!

Aντώνης said...

Βάλαμε βλέπω και τους πολυέλεους...μια χαρά!

Parsifal said...

S'aresoun?Tous anevasa twra, gia to xeimwna. xexe...