Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Opera Riddle 2

You're about to enter an adult post.
  • I am 21 years of age or older.
  • I wish to enter this adult forum/community which may contain adult language and erotic images.
  • I have read the privacy and terms of usage and agree to be held by them during each visit to this website.

By clicking the "Click to Agree: I am 21 years or older" link below to enter the web site you agree to be 21 years or older. You wish to enter this adult forum which may contain leather pants and other wardrobe items of the past.

Find the owner of this bulge and win a trip to Leatherpantlandia!

Clues: We saw him in Athens some months ago, he's an albino alligator and he IS Oneguin!

Source: http://www.madmusingsof.me.uk/weblog/

1 comment:

mahler76 said...

Hahaha o Hvoro ehei prosonda. An kai de thelo na halaso tis fadasioseis kapoion mallon to leather padeloni ehei ta prosonda.