Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Un pensiero nemico di pace!

Parsifal is sailing on the boat of happiness...Olympus was so kind to him and the dear Gods felt his insatiable need for more and more opera...So, after the dissapointment of not finding tickets to the sold-out Bartoli recital at the Barbican in December, i was just wandering around all the fan sites of La Bartoli. And by luck, the other day, i ran into an article about how, after the extreme demand of tickets for La Bartoli, the Barbican had decided to organise a new recital on the 21st of December! I stayed frozen, staring at my monitor and within 3 minutes:

-I had visited the Barbican's website
-I had found the new recital on the 21st of December
-I had bought the last 2 tickets to the concert (yes, i'm not kidding, there were two of them, the one next to the other, not separated, and the price was good!!)

So, as a token of my gratitude towards La Bartoli (?) or the Olympian Gods (?) or whoever, here is a video of La Bartoli on Maria Malibran (the new album) and her era.

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Gloriana said...

Bravo Bartoli poy kanei ereyna gia ti THEA MALIBRAN!

mOY ARESAAN: to leyko t-shirt (exo ena idio) kai to kitrino skoyfi.

DE MOY ARESAN: Tin Casta Diva tin skotonei...