Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Addio Königin, salve Pamina!

The 24th of November was a landmark for the career of Diana Damrau as it seems that on that night she sang her LAST Queen of the Night! She was about to quit the Koenigin last year in Munich but as she said she couldn't resist the Met challenge...

"I already had the farewell Queen in Munich last year . . . but that was too big of an offer."

And so, N.Y. would be the last (?) to see her as the fierce Queen.

She might have retired the Queen from her repertoire but not The Magic Flute! On the 29th of October, again at the Met, she made her debut as Pamina. Try to figure it out...In the same session of Magic Flutes, Diana Damrau was singing both Pamina and the Queen. Of course her Queen is very famous, i bet each and everyone of you has at sometime seen her singing Der Hoelle Rache, live or on dvd. And we all know that she is more than spectacular as the Queen.

Damrau with Genia Kuehmeier in Salzburg

"It's sports. It's like you want to make the world record in a 50-metre race 200 times a year", as Diana commented about the role of the Queen.

But what about her Pamina?
Allan Kozinn for the NY Times was ruthless towards the other members of the cast but wrote about Diana:

"Still, none of these singers were in the same league as Diana Damrau, whose Pamina had everything: elegance, innocence and a finely nuanced sound that lighted up the stage. Her “Ach ich fühl’s” was a picture of intensity, one of the few persuasively emotional performances of the evening".

Elegant, innocent, lighting up the stage etc etc...What more can be said?

Find out for yourselves how her
“Ach ich fühl’s” was, BOTH on the 29th of October AND the 6th of November. Download it HERE


mahler76 said...

Oste den prolavame na akousoume tin Damrau os Vassilisa tis Nihtas??? such a shame!!!

Gloriana said...

Einai fisiki exeliksi tis fonis, de tha mporoyse mia zoi na meinei se ayto to repertorio. Alla ayto einai kalo giati tha tin akousoume kai se allous rolous!!!

Pamina to kalokairi sto Salsburg, leo na pao an bro ticket...

Anonymous said...

Ehei dikio i glorianna. Ksereis poses soprano logo toy sigkekrimenou fonitikou harismatos eglovistikan se autous tous rolous? Kapoies den kataferan na to apeglovistoun kapoies ohi.

Bravo stin Damrau!

mahler76 said...

eeee leo kai ston eleuthero hronomou na paitahno kai sto Salzburg na do kamia opera to kalokairi.
Mipos tin psonises Glori??? hhahaah (love you)

P.S: Pados an mou egrithoun eisitiria gia to Bayreuth to kalokairi leo ki ego na pao....(thorivodeis gelotes).

Pasaelmocho said...

Diormío, cualquiera pone un comentario por aquí. ¡¡¡¡Noentiendonadaaa!!!!

Curioso el cambio de doña Damrau de reina a Pamina pero... ¿no lo hizo también la Popp con resultados maravillosos?