Saturday, November 3, 2007

Digital Bartoli!

It seems that last night's recital of Ceci at the Teatro Real de Madrid was a huge success. Standing ovation etc etc. Totally sold out of course and tickets, as i was informed, were being sold at the black market for prices 5-6 times up the original ticket price.

The expectacion of the public was immense, created on one hand by her new cd "Maria" and on the other hand by the spanish mass media that didn't miss a chance of interviewing Cecilia (the press conference gathered about 60 journalists as i read).

Cecilia is a new age diva! She even participated a digital interactive interview where her fans sent emails with questions to El Mundo, the spanish paper, and she instantly gave answers... Here is a video of the digital interview...Cecilia shows us around her Museo Mobile, signs some albums for the winners of a contest, and answers some on-line questions.

You can find the online interview HERE . Parsifal's will also host best questions/answers i soon as i translate the interview...

PS. La Bartoli speaks very good spanish as you will find out on this video...Ella es contrabandista de verdad!!!!


Gloriana said...
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Pasaelmocho said...


Great blog and thanks for the comment.

Chichi's recital was a huge success, although the beginning was poor.

She knows her weapons and how to use them.

Saludos y gracias por dejar el comentario en los hits.

¡Me apunto tu blog!