Friday, January 4, 2008

Gangsta Diva

oor Norma! Her chandelier crashes from the ceiling, there's a transvestite sitting at her white piano perusing the score of Bellini's opera, her lover has a roll with a vestal virgin on her futon, space aliens keep dropping in to survey the situation, and her living room is turned into a barbecue pit".

These are the words with which LARRY L. LASH begins his review on the Prague Norma in the January 2008 issue of OperaNews! Interesting indeed! a quick googling gave me these fotos:

Photo by Hana Smejkalova
All photos appear to be courtesy of (
"The person of dubious gender turns out to be Adalgisa, a stereotypical "stage lesbian" in men's pants, a marcel bob tucked under a fedora, and a cravat. Program notes claim to conjure the salon society of George Sand, but the rest of the production is set, apparently, mid-World War II, complete with grainy black-and-white film footage of bombs falling during "Ah! bello a me ritorna."
''Had I been there in a private rather than professional capacity, I would have been the first to yell, "Vergogna!''

De toute façon, here is Olga Makarina singing Casta Diva in Prague on the 4th of November.

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Gloriana said...

Kala to exoyn xeftylisei pia...

mahler76 said...

kai pou na evlepe tin Carmen tou kalokairiou o kirioulis sto Herodeio bou hahaahahahaha