Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cielo e mar!

Rolando Villazón’s solo debut for Deutsche Grammophon
is gonna be in stores in March 2008 under the title
¨Cielo e Mar¨!
an extremely interesting "making of" Rolando's new cd.


franco said...

Plus qu'intéressant : enthousiasmant !Il faudra sans aucun doute acheter l version du cd avec le bonus inclus...

OC said...

As always, Parisfal, another great find! I love the part of the interview where he's sitting at the cafe.

We <3 Rolllllllando!

Anonymous said...

hi, will the upload of "Der Zwerg" ever come ???????? the process began long ago.... :-) :-) :-) !!!
besides: I like Your blog a lot - it's so tasty!
(whatever You will think what that means...)
greetings from Austria
and all the best for the work You undergo to please others !
Berni (Graz)

Parsifal said...

hi Berni,
i'm working on a new post right now, after that i will pass Der Zwerg to my pc, process it and upload it just for you!
Thanks for your kind words!

Parsifal said...

Berni, in 5 min. you ll have the Zwerg...Go to the original post!

Tosca said...

BRAVO VILLAZON !!!!!!!!!!! ERES GRANDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!