Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gli enigmi sono tre...

Three riddles and three finales!
Until today we knew
a) the Alfano finale (with or without cuts)
b) the Berio finale

Now it seems that we 'll have to deal with a new finale for Puccini's adored masterpiece, Turandot!

Hao Weyia, a chinese composer, has written a new 18 minutes long finale, for the new production of Turandot that is gonna take place at the National Center for Performing Arts (or National Grand Theatre as stated elsewhere).

" In Hao's new version, the melody of the Original Remix appears at the climax of Turandot to show the change of Turandot's nature, while it comes at the beginning in Puccini's unfinished composition, according to the Chinese composer."

The theatrical release of Turandot with the Chinese ending will add two new characters, Loulin Princess (SIC!) and Yuren, the former presenting Avenger while the latter will be China's Angel.
Director Chen Xinyi said that the two contrasting roles combined the spiritual core of Turandot. "We will let dancers act the roles with the purpose of making the heart of the heroine better understood by the audience."

The two roles would also better express the two themes of the opera, love and heroism, which Chen said he wanted to highlight.

I suppose that Loulin Princess is "principessa Lou-Ling"

"I believe the new version of Turandot will tell people the fact that Chinese musicians are gaining a more prominent place in the world." said Chen Zuohuang, artistic director of the NCPA.

That's gonna be the set of the new Turandot production

NGT is a new signature building for Beijing that cost 3 billion yuan (about 410 million U.S. dollars) for the main structure alone. The total cost is believed to be almost double. It stands next to the prestigious Great Hall of the People, the venue for national conferences.

Here 're some pretty impressive pics from the new National Grand Theater

So, who's in for a trip to Beijing??


mahler76 said...

ΕΓΩ, ΕΓΩ!!!!

Willym said...

Sorry Parsi - wish I could get excited about another big project in Beijing but.. lived there for 3 years and seen so much of this. Sadly they leveled three neighbourhoods and displaced thousands of people to build this monument to the Glory of the Government.

nicon said...

Ακόμα το χαζεύω.......

Parsifal said...

Willym, we are all aware of the way the marvel of the Chinese economy has been built, i think we re also aware of who worked for these buildings (mainly children)and at what cost(many human lives)....But i have to say that the result is extraordinary and i have to admire it even if it has been "created" by a tyrranic government and even if next to these monsterbuildings there are people who survive with 10$ per month...

matina - mariam said...

Σας παρακαλώ υπολογίστε με και μένα!
Parsifal καλώς σας βρήκα!
Σε ευχαριστώ... ακόμα παιδεύομαι με τις ρυθμίσεις και δεν μπορώ να τα βγάλω πέρα.. αλλά που θα πάει..
το σχόλιο σου το διάβασα από το mail μου... εδώ δεν το βρίσκω πουθενά... θα ήθελα να σε ρωτήσω τις φώτο σε ποιο πλαίσιο τίς προσθέτεις? βάζεις τον κωδικό ΗΤML?


Aντώνης said...

Πρώτον, θέλω κι εγώ να έρθω! Δεύτερον, βρέξει χιονίσει εσύ εκεί, το χαβά σου! Αποκλείστηκες;

Teresa said...

Qué edificio más espectacular, lástima que nos quede "tan lejos"!!! Saludos, Parsi!!!