Friday, March 21, 2008

Divine Agnes

Back from the 3rd (and i think last) performance of L' Italiana in Algeri, and what a show! That must have been the best among all three performances i watched!
And if dear Agnes was complaining that her compatriots are a rather dull and cold audience, tonight the audience rewarded her with many "brava" (Parsi was also yelling) and her curtain call at the finale was triumphant!

If you 're thinking why da hell do i write a new post about L ' Italiana instead of updating the existing one, here's the answer:

In the first two performances, it was Mario Zeffiri (Lindoro) who sang along Elvira the act I finale high C. Weeell, this time, Agnes Baltsa joined the company and surprised as all when she sang the high C and then turned to Lindoro and gave him a warm smile!

You don't believe me? Well, go ahead, listen for yourselves:

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Anastasios said...

Good job! How dod you recorded it!?
You mean the yesterday's performance!?

Parsifal said...

Thanks...well the last night performance, the premiere and the second performance hehehe,....