Friday, March 21, 2008

Rolando and Placido, or should i say Mario and Pablo?

Do you remember "Il Postino"? A wonderful italian film about the relationship between a postman and Pablo Neruda???

It seems that in September 2009, Rolando Villazon and Placido Domingo are gonna sing the roles of il postino (Mario Ruoppolo) and Pablo Neruda, in Los Angeles in an opera called "Il Postino", in spanish, composed by Daniel Catán.

This is what Placido says in an interview he gave for the spanish newspaper ABC.

In the Postino film, the female character of Beatrice was played by italian diva Maria-Grazia Cucinotta, a spectacular looking woman.

Who will be the operatic Beatrice?

The journalist asks Placi whether it will be Gallardo-Domas or Gheorghiu.
Maybe La Netrebko?

But the answer is "we still don't know. There are two options: a new girl that has just started her career or a TV contest (!!!!??????)

In the interview you can also read -in spanish of course- about his new roles, among them the role of Bajajet that he will sing in Madrid, his new cd with spanish coplas called "Pasión española"-how original etc etc.

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