Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mussbach VS Barenboim

A battle at the Staatsoper?
A conspiracy between Barenboim and Wowereit?

It all started when last week during a conference, Peter Mussbach, artistic director of the Berliner Staatsoper, accused Daniel Barenboim and Berlin's mayor, Klaus Wowereit of conspiracy.
According to Mussbach, the two of them, agreed to let Barenboim's contract expire in 2010 without renewing it. Then Barenboim tried to convince him that they made his future expulsion look voluntary.
After saying these Mussbach added "Mafia. I will say nothing more".
So Barenboim cancelled his Berlin Don Giovanni, for personal reasons as he said, reasons that have nothing to do with Mussbach accusations.
Egos aside, this soap-opera has a financial background (don't tell!!!) that has to do with the Staatsoper renovation during the period 2010-2013 and that you won't read about here.
Just a reminder: The Berlin State Opera owes a lot of her fame to maestro Barenboim who obviously had and still has got a lot of influence in the institution so i find it more likely to see Mussbach leaving his job 'till 2010, voluntarily of course...

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