Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ssssshhhhh.....just listen! ***UPDATED***

Which were the major operatic events on Planet Earth lately????
Or the most intriguing ones?

JDF's debut as il Duca?
The upcoming Fille at the Met?

Some days ago
the operatic world's attention was focused
on Callao, Peru's major port
for the debut of the Golden Child
as il Duca in Rigoletto.
Thanks to youtube, we all got an idea of what it was like.
Others loved it
others think that the Duke is too heavy for JDF's voice.
I personally loved it as almost everything that JDF does.

What most of us did not notice though,
even if we heard the broadcast recording or the telecast video
a thousand times,
is the ouverture of this Rigoletto.
No, there was nothing exceptional about this ouverture.
It seems that the sound engineers were very excited on that particular night,
and left JDF's microphone turned on (???).

What happened???

We can hear Juan Diego Florez checking his mic,


(What a stress, this shit!)

and then
rehearsing his first phrase
( "Della mia bella incognita borghese..." )
just before going onstage.

You don't believe me?
Check for yourselves

Last but not least,

here's Juan Diego Florez rocking the Met audience
and singing 3,6,9,12,15,18 high C's!!!

Pour mon âme & Pour mon âme bis!
The Met, 21 April 2008

Of course you can always read the delightful review of the all-seeing-eye called OC,
or the NY Times' review with the title
Counting Juan Diego Flórez’s High C’s.

Thanks to reader GtelloZ for informing on the Rigoletto-mierda thing. Hohoho.



Felipe Cunha said...

WONDERFUL, Parsi! Kathleen Battle is still adorable. She is awaited for 2 recitals here in Rio and I hope to record them. Of course, I would share with you, if you wish.

Patrick D. McCoy said...

Ms. Battle's recital was spectacular. I am sure that she was anxious about the way she may have perceived the audience would receive her. Carnegie Hall was filled with so much love and admiration on that day. She sounded wonderful! I was blessed to be there as well. The Mendelssohn and Schubert were divine!

Patrick D. McCoy said...

I do understand that you are angry that your account was suspended. But I am also hurt that you would refer to Ms. Battle with one of the cruelest slurs with race imbued. After you calm down, think about this clearly. There may be a deal in the works to release the recording on a major label. And also, you knew that when you recorded the concert, it was strictly prohibted and noted in the program. If you were going to post the clip, why not diguise the title in some way?

Gonzalo Tello said...

me cagaste la reputacion con los creditos de rigoletto...jaja! que fuerte...en fin. Hoy publique lo de Opera Chic en el estreno de La Fille. JDF es da la pm, pero ya me canse un poco d hablar tanto de el. Es q como en Peru no hay mucho mas...bueno. Saludos!

Parsifal said...

I dont care about Mrs. Battle race. the clip was max 3,5 minutes long with terrible sound and still images. Oh! and believe me, you 'll find parts of the recital here again in a few hours, but then you won't find the best parts of it...

Parsifal said...

Enough said about her, nobody remembered her 10 days ago and nobody will in a few months...

Patrick D. McCoy said...

Now you know that is not true. Despite what negative things that may have occured, you or no one else can take away a God-given gift.

Parsifal said...

Oh yes, oblivion sure can!

Patrick D. McCoy said...

Now that is just hateful!

Parsifal said...

Thank you! She might not have taught any lessons in singing but she sure did in bitching.