Monday, April 28, 2008

No puede ser! ***updated***

Today Rolando Villazón is singing at the Teatro de la Zarzuela de Madrid!

The program seems extremely interesting. Among the arias he has chosen for tonight you can find some from his "Cielo e Mar" new cd (from Il figliuol prodigo, La Gioconda, Adriana Lecouvreur) and in the second part, songs from zarzuelas by Serrano, Chapí, Sorozábal etc.

The collective madness for tonight´s recital i think could be best expressed with a foto:

Some friends will be there tonight, and they even made badges that they not only are gonna be wearing at the concert but they 're actually wearing them all day long while touring Madrid!


My spies comment: Recital great, Rolando in great mood, best sung of the night "No puede ser" and "Quando le sere al placido" (encore). Rolando ended the recital while some crazy chicks (yes, the ones with the badges above) were showering him with rose petals from some palco.

Here 're some pics from the Recital and from backstage:

Admire this totally rolandicious shirt!


Anonymous said...

So glad he's back. I just hope that this experience, with the backlash he sustained and all, has taught him stuff as far as role-choosing is concerned etc.

Papagena said...

He was just great! I'm so happy he finally recovered from whatever it was that put him down :-)

poltergeist said...

The pics are great! I love ROLANDO!! but I couldn't go to Madrid that day... I'm glad the recital was so good.
And I prefer his hair now, shorther than other times :)

Thanks for posting this!


derwanderer said...

The Roandicious Shirt is by Paul Smith, of course!!!

Teresa said...

Apart from Rolando, there's only another person in the world who can pull off this shirt with such elegance and class: Parsi!