Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Exclusive: Nude pics of Nathan Gunn, Flórez, Moffo, Mae West, Liberace

I was going over my referral stats the other day...

It seems that among the people who visit this blog,

there are some who came over here in order to find info about the following:

1. anna moffo nude

2. myrto papatanasiu nude

3. jose carreras is overrated

4. joyce didonato nude

5. juan diego florez nude

6. placido domingo overrated

7. kathleen battle nude (yiaaaaiks!)

8. patrizia ciofi and boobs in opera (i swear!!!)

9. when is opera tenor singer juan diego florez getting married? and to whom is he getting marry to, name and where is she from (I swear!!!)

10. nathan gunn naked

Conclusion: People think that there is this secret place on the internet where you can find XXX photos of opera singers, and this place can be reached via google.

Top 5 of seksiest female opera singers:

1. Anna Moffo

2. Myrto Papatanasiu

3. Joyce DiDonato

4. Kathleen Battle

5. Patrizia Ciofi

Isn't it strange? Nobody wants to see Anna Netrebko and Angela Gheorghiu nude!? Or Elena Garanca? Who would ever try to find pics of La Ciofi's boobs???
For the love of God!!!

Juan Diego Flórez is by far the seksiest of 'em all. Or at least there are more people that sit in front of their monitors trying to find nude pics of JDF, than of Nathan Gunn.

There are actually people who would ask google a full question with subquestions (when is opera tenor singer juan diego florez getting married? and to whom is he getting marry to, name and where is she from) as if google was Elsa Maxwell or Dame Edna...

And there are also people who google their personal obsessions (Is José Carreras overrated? Is Plácido Domingo overrated? Is Enrico Caruso overrated?)

So, if you wanna create the perfect opera blog with the highest traffic you 'll need some very basic things... Some fotos of Juan Diego Flórez, Anna Moffo, Myrtó Papatanasiu, Joyce DiDonato and Nathan Gunn with light clothes, some of Kathleen Battle (for masochists only), and you 'll need the answer to some of the most essential of operatic questions... (Did Rodrigo and Don Carlo have a secret affair? Are there any lesbian hints in the relation between Marzelline and Leonora? Does Roberto Alagna use power-plate? Could someone for god's sake tell us where Julia Trappe Flórez is from? etc etc.)


Gert said...

I'm surprised you don't get the 'Karita Mattila nude' searches.

I get a lot of 'Juan Diego Florez gay', so I'll have to refer to them the secret place that gives all the details on Senora Florez.

Parsifal said...

There must be some kind of collective mania about JDF...Did you see the bootleg terrible quality cellphone video from the reception where we see JDF dancing with the mrs.?

mahler76 said...

nathan gunn naked

Με έκανες τσακωτό...

Susan said...

You are so funny!! Actually the very first time I googled Nathan Gunn the first listing was The Standing Room with an entry similar to yours, about people googling 'Nathan Gunn naked.'

Speaking of The Gunnster, I just put a new vid on my blog of him being interviewed on a comedy news show in the States called The Colbert Report. View and enjoy! ;) He has his clothes on, sorry, although the topic of him disrobing does come up in the interview.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure all these Googles are by OperaChic ;)

Parsifal said...

Pretty sure tha OperaChic can have Nathan Gunn and JDF any time she desires....

Willym said...

OMG that is so funny. I guess I better not tell you how I found the sight on Google!

Anonymous said...

OMG! i like ur sense of humor! BRILL!

i want some more.....=)