Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A comment

Earlier today i received this by Franco Farina.

I don’t usually respond to sites like yours. A friend sent this to me; I hope you will post my reply. I read that you more or less intended to dislike my performance even before you went to hear it. I have no clue on what your motivations could possibly be.
I would like to correct two factual errors in your piece.
The first is your claim that I was booed at my curtain call. I heard only one very short, meek boo when I came down the stairs that lasted barely a second. Was that you caro? The rest of the public gave me a very warm ovation. Maybe you will organize something a little better for the next performance, as after you get this letter I’m sure you might.
The second error you make is to identify the high note at the climax of the second act as a high B flat. It is a high C.
Now I really can’t comment on what you think about my singing. After all, di gustibus non disputatem est. I am rather glad for your posting of the poor quality audio clips. But I can enlighten you about my credentials. Why don’t I just stick to Calaf ok?
I have sung Calaf at the Metropolitan Opera in two separate runs of performances, a new production at the Paris Opera, the stage premier of the Berio version of the ending at the Los Angles Opera, two runs of performances at the Statsoper in Berlin, at the Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago where Puccini lived, and with the Dallas Opera. I was never booed in any of these theatres, and received excellent reviews.
On factor perhaps you do not take in account is the acoustic at the theatre. It is not singer friendly, and especially difficult when singing a dramatic role.
Well that’s all. I have never paid for publicity in my career, like most singers do. Perhaps that has been my error. Good day.
Franco Farina

An artist should answer to a bad review with his art and not with words.

I will be very glad if the next time you prove me wrong on my review.

I´m not the one who should know what the high note was. But a High C, it wasn't.

I don't need any kind of credentials regarding your career. I have hundreds of recordings of yours. Others good, others not.

I never intend to dislike anyone's performance before even listening to it. I know what i hear. And i repeat that i would be glad if instead of a poor performance i had heard a terrific Calaf.

Organize something next time? You mean a claque? This is not the 50's (and i'm sure you wouldn't like to be singing in the 50's...).

Insinuating that i get paid for my reviews (or do i get the wrong impression?) is more than hilarious. I express my personal opinion and taste and nothing more than that. If you are actually pleased about the way you sang on opening night, then i should get really terrified about the state of opera in our days (but i also suppose that if you were pleased and confident of yourself, you wouldn't have bothered answering to a blog's review).