Monday, June 30, 2008

Per me giunto é il dí supremo!

Did you listen to the Don Carlo broadcast on Saturday?

Am I the only one who enjoyed it that much?

Mainly, it was for the presence of Dimitris Tiliakos
as Rodrigo in the cast ! I was dazzled that this great baritone, this marvelous artist, the "artistic child" of Kostas Paskalis, found his way to stardom. And I' m also happy that i haven't read a single bad review on the web.

And of course i was relieved that after a quite mediocre premier
-the one you can listen to here-
this broadcast was soooo much better.

Rolando, Sonia, Ferrucio, Marina, Eric, Robert and Dimitris of course,
delivered a very good performance that i keep listening for the past 2 days.

(Wrong: while riding my car yesterday i also listened to the Karajan Don Carlo -Carreras, Baltsa, Freni etc- and the Levine Don Carlo- Milo, Sylvester, Zajick, Croft, Furlanetto etc and what i can tell is that Michael Sylvester's Carlo is one of the worst i've ever heard...what was Levine thinking?? If there are people who think that Rolando was bad, maybe they should listen to this -studio- Carlo...).

Sadly, i still haven't located any fotos of Dimitris Tiliakos as Rodrigo but i 'm sure you 're gonna like the ones i' ve uploaded. It's Dimitris as Don Giovanni in Athens a couple of years ago.

Tiliakos and Katsuli

Tiliakos as Don Giovanni

Dimitris Tiliakos and Renata Scotto
at the Boccanegra reception, 2008

Listen to Dimitris Tiliakos as Don Giovanni here
download and listen to the DON CARLO performance of June the 28th
as it was broadcast live from the Royal Opera House
(part1, part2, part3)


NHB said...

Thanks Parsifal. I hadn't heard of this Baritone before. I was at one of the performances of the recent Covent Garden production with Simon Keenlyside, who was a refined and subtle Rodrigo.

Hopefully I will see him in performance some time soon.


poltergeist said...

I missed this broadcast...but I'm going to download it immediately. I love Rolando, I love Don Carlo, I love Verdi...


Attila said...

I think Tiliakos wasn't bad (not as bad as Franco Farina certainly) but even I have to admit that Simon Keenlyside - who I am not a fan of - gave a better performance. In fact, I listened to the broadcast without realising the cast change, and I couldn't understand why Keenlyside didn't sound as good I as I had expected. Then I realised it was Dimitris...