Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Marcelo finalmente!

After Kiri Te Kanawa, Thessaloniki is about to welcome one of the greatest tenors of our times!

Marcelo Álvarez will sing at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall on Saturday, 13th of September, arias from operas by Verdi, Puccini, Cilea, Bizet, Massenet, Gounod.

This time we don´t have to deal with an old glory of the Operatic Stardom but with a star of our times, one among the very few exciting tenor voices on the globe.

Marcelino is among my very favourite tenors and I could upload hundreds of stuff for my sexy readers...

Here 're some bits of Marcelo's artistry

Pourquoi me réveiller, Werther, Munchen 2006

Credeasi Misera, I Puritani, Modena 1997 (with Patrizia Ciofi)

E lucevan le stelle, Tosca, Zürich 2007

I left the applause and the storm of bravos after the arias so that you know exactly what to do on Saturday.

Parsi will (try to) definitely be there. He will be the guy with the "I ♥
MARCELO" t-shirt.

Be there or be square.


Ilaria said...

your SEXY READERS demand an "I *heart* MARCELO" t-shirt as well, and envy you way TOO much! Say to Marcelo that the Romans want him back! RIGHT.NOW.

christine_at said...

I would have loved to see Marcelo in Thessaloniki as I was there a few weeks ago (I love Greece!).

Now I hope that you can make the concert and am looking forward to your blog entry!

Thanks for the nice picture of the concert poster, the audio files and your great article! I shall give the link to your blog in my Marcelo Alvarez fangroup and would like to post your photo of the poster there (hope that is okay?):

BTW, according to the second name of my fangroup I think I shall try to get a T-shirt with 'marcelissimo', good idea!

All the best,


Hariclea said...

I was just told yesterday by somebody that he is awfully nice to people and is able to sit for quite a while signing autographs, even if it is late after a performance, that in ROH, nice :-)
I've personally never heard him live yet.

Parsifal said...

Well, I'll take him out for drinks then. Bad thing is that I'll be staying in Thessaloniki for just 24hours....

Kyzikos said...

we love marcelo too, Parsi. Bon voyage a thessalonique.

Papagena said...

His is definitely one of the most beautiful voices nowadays. I just can't wait to see him live in Teatro Real next October!!! Marcelooooooooooooo!!!

Hariclea said...

Holaaaas, como ha idoo? Tengo mucha curiosidad de saber que tal fue :-) Espero que te lo pasaste de maravilla!