Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time goes slowly.

I declare the 25th of September 1st day of the "Rolando in Athens" period.

Countdown with me the days left till the 29th of October when


will sing for the Athenians, for the first time.

Till then, visit daily the new totally cool blog of the Villazonistas del Liceu, yeah, those crazy chicks from Barcelona that make badges with Rolando's face on and wear "I love Rolando" t-shirts.

A Rolando badge with an autograph!


have a first clue of what
is gonna

1. Kuda kuda (Eugene Onegin)

2. Pourquoi me reveiller (Werther)

(of course exclusively @ parsifal's)


mahler76 said...

Λείπουν τα λίνκια?
Καλά πρέπει 8 Οκτωβρίου να τρέξω για εισιτήριο!!!! Πάλι καλά που μου το θύμησες.

Parsifal said...

Poia links leipoun???

mahler76 said...

νόμιζα πώς τα "1. Kuda kuda (Eugene Onegin)

2. Pourquoi me reveiller (Werther)"

θα τα ανέβαζες κιόλας.
χαχαχαχα εχω καλομάθει μου φαίνεται!!

teresa said...

Pues el Kuda...Kuda le tiene que salir muy bien, despues de tanto "ensayo" en la Staatsoper de Berlin...aunque espero que no se os aparezca en Atenas disfrazado de payaso diabólico!