Thursday, October 9, 2008

It's all Welsh to me...

Did I mention that Diana Damrau blah blah blah or that Diana Damrau blah blah blah blah?

Am I getting psychotic with Damrau or what?
Are YOU getting psychotic with Damrau?
Don't make me count the e-mails I received asking for moar moar moar!

Here are some chunks from Bryyyyn's Faenol Festival (the brynfest) with Diana singing Les filles de Cadix, the Flower Duet from Lakmé (with Nadia Krasteva) and melting in Bryn's arms as they sing some Lehar (aaah, those were the days!).

Les Filles de Cadix
(Diana Damrau giving lessons to Danielle De Niese on how it should be done)

Flower Duet (with Nadia Krasteva)

Lippen Schweigen (with Bryn Terfel)

Oh! And a short interview and a rather "clumsy" Queen of the Night (not really Diana's style).

Interview (kinda)

Der Hölle Rache

Oh! And in case you don't like her, Bryn Terfel has a message for you


Hariclea said...

This really is Diana's week, innit?? And never knew Terfel could do German so well :-) keep it coming, i am really starting to love this lovely lady and her beautiful voice :-)

OC said...

Awesome stuff, Parsifal! I am one of those who can't get enough...

Ντέμης said...

So, dear Persi, this Queen of the Night is her weak point? My God, this says a lot about her! I found it excellent, all the dificult high notes in place plus drama, not just a pretty doll executing her program.
But nothing can compare to her Filles de Cadix! I was blown away, she made it her own, she was having fun! And what an accent, wonderful French! She is better in this piece than Victoria de los Angeles even! But Beverly Sills was even better....

Parsifal said...

OH NO!!! Of course its not her weak point! She became famous singing the Koenigin! But she has retired the role from her repertoire. And I think she had had greater nights as Koenigin than this. That's why I use the word "clumsy". She 's not 100%.