Monday, October 6, 2008

Numi! Venite a me, Inferni Dei !

Anna Caterina Antonacci opened last night the new season of the Teatro Regio di Torino with one of her trademark roles: Medea.

It was definitely a triumph for the Teatro Regio as all singers (Filianoti, Forte, Mingardo etc.) delivered excellent performances, so did the orchestra under Maestro Evelino Pidó.

Here are a few clips from last night:

Nemici Senza cor (Antonacci&Filianoti)

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Questa promessa...

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Rispondi a lor... Finale

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And a special treat, the kind of treats you find only at parsifal's

Anna Caterina Antonacci singing Medea at the Epidaurus... 46 years after La Divina.

Numi, venite a me

Oh! grido di dolor (finale)

And the ovation


Willym said...

Got my ticket for the October 22 performance in my hot little hand - well actually the print out from VivaTicket but its the same thing.

Thanks for the preview - now I am excited. And I think I told you October 24 is the Capuletti with Devia and Ganassi in Genova - its being broadcast on RAI - listen for me braving liking crazy.

Susanne said...

Great clips Parsi! One of my favourite operas. Would you believe me when I tell you that I named my first cat (may she rest in peace) Medea in honour of both the opera and Maria Callas (still the best Medea in my humble opinion)? Believe it! And now, for something completely different: guess where I'll be spending a much deserved one-week holiday? Kerkyra (a.k.a. Corfu)! Don't you Greeks dare change that lovely weather over there! :-)

derwanderer said...

AC ANTONACCI is today's leading Medea. I still remember her 2007 Epidaurus performance,glorious as far as she and the stage director were concearned, albeit MASSACRED by an unpalatable baton-whirler whose name i will not utter ;-0