Sunday, October 26, 2008

Roberto Bolle in Athens

It seems that there is only one way to make Opera Chic to get on a plane to Athens:

Roberto Bolle and Friends,

Athens, 25&26 November 2008


Willym said...

Wait a minute ... we're in Athens on teh 25-26th!!!!!!!!!!!

Parsifal said...

Wait a minute... I'm in Munich on the 25th-26th!!!! ( should had seen the look on my face today when I found out about the concert and that I won't be here...). De toute facon mes amis, on the 23rd of Nov. if you 're in Athens we can watch the premier of A Florentine Tragedy/Gianni Schicchi at the old Greek National Opera.

Willym said...

well if not that then we will have dinner I hope... I would hate to go all that way and not see you. But just think of all the wonderful things you'll be seeing in Munich.

OC said...