Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rolando: the press conference

"The dream of a lifetime". This is how Rolando Villazón described his first performance in Greece. "Homer, Kazantzakis, Seferis, are among my favourite authors. When I began this career I used to read the Iliad very often. The description of battles would inspire me and help me in my very own battle, with myself and the onstage battle"

Rolando also spoke about his colleague, greek soprano Alexia Voulgaridou, and that Greece is often his destination when on vacation.

"I hope it's gonna be a great concert and that we will have a great time"

You can count on that, querido Rolando...

Read more on the press conference at the Villazonistas.


Hariclea said...

Parsi, you have to do a happy dance there for me as well, this way i can be there at least in spirit :-)

Tosca said...

Bueno, se le ve sonriendo y con buena cara ! Parece recuperado de su afección !

Anonymous said...

We thank God for having Rolando in Greece, even just for once, and we thank God for Parsifal's material that we chooses to share with all of us

ChristinaLuise said...

I have tagged you !