Friday, November 7, 2008

I want my Tosca stirred, not shaken

Parsi has just watched the new 007 movie and has to admit that he expected the awesomeness of "Casino Royal" but no.... Despite Daniel Craig's hawtness, this was a mediocre Bond.

But hey, at least we found out what could happen on a Night at the Opera. And not just any Opera. The Bregenz Festpielhaus and it's famous floating scene...

The members of mysterious organisation Quantum, led by Mathieu Amalric's businessman Dominic Greene, have chosen an outdoor production of Tosca for a secret meeting.

Bond steals one of the earpieces which they are using to communicate and, after listening in on their conversation, brazenly reveals himself, saying "I really think you people should find a better place to meet."

Watch the whole video here:

All hotties striking a pose in front of the famous Eye.

The set for the production of Puccini's opera, which serves as the backdrop to the action, features a gigantic moving eye.

"I just loved the location, and I think the eye just has a great metaphor for Bond," said Director Marc Forster, when asked about the sequence.

"Eyes and titles of Bond films and the gun barrel in the circle at the beginning. And I liked that it was 'Tosca'.

"And Puccini's opera is also a metaphor of what is going on as well. I thought the whole thing was convenient."

Yeah...ok, whateva.


mahler76 said...

και μόνο γιαυτό θα πάω να δώ την ταινία!!!

ChristinaLuise said...

Unfortunately, I haven't been at the Bregenzer Festspiele yet, but I think that the Tosca Eye "looks" great ! ^^ And I'm a big bond fan, so 2 good things in only 1 =)
Greetings xD