Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Placido habla

Plácido Domingo gave an interview to the Greek TV which was telecast last night. It's the first of a series of interviews of great personalities to journalist Thanassis Lalas.

Ecco the entire interview for my sexy readers. During the interview you can also watch various clips of Placi live.
(in english with subtitles in greek)





maria teresa said...

Thanks to share this magnificient interview!! Plácido is a great artist and a great worker, and puts passion in everything he does,and seems that he never gets tired!!!
(The camara was in his knees, wasn't it?)

Fedora said...

Muchas gracias Parsi por esta entrevista.

Gert said...

Excellent, thank you - although I do not have time to watch tonight because my broadband is very very slow :-(

Anonymous said...

meta apo auto na perimenoume kai thn DIVA JESSY?