Saturday, November 15, 2008

Reneé and Elvis

No, the Chiffon Diva has not been seeing dead people. It's Elvis Costello we refer to...

Sundance Channel will premiere this music/talk series on Wednesday, December 3, 2008 at 9:00pm e/p. SPECTACLE: ELVIS COSTELLO WITH... fuses the best elements of talk and music television and invites viewers to enjoy an intimate conversation between host Costello and his guests, punctuated by rare musical performances by Costello, his guests and a wide variety of musicians. Among the confirmed guests for the 13-part series are Sir Elton John, Tony Bennett, Lou Reed, artist-director Julian Schnabel and President Bill Clinton.

On of the truly exceptional voices in the world is front and centre
when Elvis welcomes Renée Fleming to Spectacle for a compelling and eclectic program of conversation and music. Renowned internationally for her dynamic operatic and recital performances and recordings, the revered American soprano proves to be disarmingly funny and candid about life as a diva, telling hilarious inside-opera stories and providing detailed insight into the rigors, demands and sacrifices involved in taking the human voice to the unnatural (but exhilarating) levels required in opera. Ms. Fleming also generously demonstrates her range and versatility as a performer, singing one of Puccini's most gorgeous arias, a jazz piece with guitarist Bill Frisell and even an old Appalachian folk standard. And on top of all that, opera fan Rufus Wainwright turns up to pay his respects and sing something special for Renée!

SOOOOO!!! It's January 28th, 9pm on the Sundance channel. Oh! And don't forget:
Rufus Wainright on the 14th of January and mrs Costello, my beloooooved Diana Krall, together with Elton John on the 18th of February.

Elvis and his lady, divine Diana Krall

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teresa said...

Por Dios! que al menos le hagan bien el Photoshop, a Renée !!!