Monday, November 3, 2008

When Lucrezia Borgia met Anakin Skywalker

Obviously Princess Leia is out partying with R2-D2 and Han Solo.

Now...even if you didn't recognise him, the guy in the middle is Vittorio Grigolo and the lady on the right is Renée Fleming. Oh! and Kate Aldrich on the left.

I suppose mrs. Grigolo (aka Roshi Kamdar aka Roshanak Grigolo) is also around.
Don't think that I admire Grigolo as a tenor... It's his eyebrows I always admired...

Copying from the N.Y. Times:

On Renée Fleming:
Though her performance was vocally uneven, whole stretches were sumptuous. Making pretty sounds was clearly not her goal. She threw herself into the daunting role, taking enormous vocal risks, singing with raw intensity and earthy richness, utterly inhabiting the character of this beautiful, murderous noblewoman in Renaissance Italy.

Ms. Fleming may not be everyone’s ideal of a refined bel canto soprano, but her performance is smart and honest.

Sometimes, as she executes an expressive turn or vocal gesture, her voice will become breathy in the middle range or hard-edged on climactic high notes. But she never compromises her intentions. For the most part her coloratura passagework is accurate and supple, though she seemed to tire during her fitful and vocally ornate final scene, when Lucrezia is mad with grief that her son has been the inadvertent victim of her latest poisoning plot.

The audience gave Ms. Fleming a tremendous ovation, with one lone boo, from what I could tell, amid the hearty bravos. You can’t please everybody.

On Vittorio Grigolo:

Gennaro, sung by the young Italian tenor Vittorio Grigolo, has punkish blond hair and a tight-fitting, gold-tinged outfit with sci-fi shoulder pads that give him the look of Flash Gordon. When Ms. Fleming appears in a dress with a similarly gold-tinged stiff top, she seems like Flash Gordon’s space princess.

Mr. Grigolo, who has a thriving side career as a pop star in Italy, is a charismatic performer with undeniable audience appeal. His voice has ping and plaintive colorings. Handsome, energetic, able to leap a wall in a single bound, he is a natural onstage. And there is a comparably athletic quality to his crisp, robust singing. Still, some shakiness and grainy legato suggested that he may be forcing his voice.

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