Monday, December 8, 2008

Daniele Gatti gets booed and La Scala delivers one of the most disappointing opening nights ever.

So, after Alagna, Álvarez, Filianoti (and many others) they finally came across Stuart Neill and thought
"This is our man!".

Watch Stuart Neill singing "Io l'ho perduta" and judge for yourselves

Stephane Lissner obviously happy with the atrocious opening night...
(so is Letizia Moratti, Milan's Mayor)

Roberto Bolle and Evelina Cristillin, Stefano Gabbana next to them

Dolce & Gabbana

For a detailed report from Opening Night, Opera Chic is teh place 2 B.
(she was in da house and we weren't).


Anonymous said...

Let's be fair. The camera does add 10 pounds.

Anonymous said...

ok, his voice isn't something outstanding nor is his singing BUT I still find him better that Villazon and I doubt Filianotti with his weak voice would have been better.

Ντέμης said...

ΟΚ he wasn't very bad, he was OK, but definitelly not La Scala material, escpecially on a Dec 7th Opening Night!
Where are the days when only top-class interpreters were allowed in Milan? They turned down Olivero, Dimitrova, Carteri, Tassinari, they booed Studer and Pavarotti, and they hired him?!!! Just the fact that I have never heard of him says everything.... And a foreigner, with an anglophone italian accent! In the whole of Italy can't they find an italian tenor to sing an italian part in the foremost italian Opera House? Horror!

maria teresa said...

Yo lo siento, pero tanto bombo y platillo para la prima y luego tener esa función... que vamos, tampoco fue la maravilla de las maravillas, no se... algo me parece que está funcionando mal en la Scala.