Friday, December 19, 2008

Quel regista maledivami!

A new production of Rigoletto opened tonight in Athens.

Franco Vassallo didn't make it to opening night and was substituted by Dimitri Platanias, the rising Greek baritone.

Rumour has it that Vassallo will sing again on the 27th of December and that 'till then, another baritone that I really like will undertake (not to be announced yet).

Watch Dimitri Platanias (not) singing Rigoletto

Elena Kelessidi and Dimitri Platanias (and Moët)

Elena Kelessidi, Vassiliki Karayanni (Rolando's Olympia) and Maria Mitsopoulou are singing Gilda, Jean-François Borras, Antonis Koroneos and Philippe Talbot are singing the Duke and the great Dimitri Kavrakos and Petros Magoulas sing Sparafucile.

La tempesta é vicino...

Once again, stage director Nikos Petropoulos, has chosen to use the Nazi/ World War II/fascism in Italy (according to him it is set exactly in Milan of 1938) context that we 're soooo bored of and that I find so passé

(and that he already used for his Tosca a couple of years ago. Watch a clip from that Tosca here).
Anyway, I shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. You 'll have a full review in a few days.

Jean-François Borras and Victoria Maifatova

I wonder what Hänsel and Gretel would look like in a Nazi uniforms! Or Prince Ramiro dressed like Hitler and Angelina in Eva Braun clothes!

Vive lavant-garde monsieur Petropoulos...

Rehearsal photos (C) Stefanos, Set and costume designs by N. Petropoulos


sensualmonk said...

α ρε βικτώρια ατελείωτη*!...
[με το ζ'μπάθειο, αλλά δεν κρατήθηκα ;-)]

*and i mean both vocally and physically :-)

Parsifal said...

Vocally? mmm....not my cup of tea.

Willym said...

I knew you didn't like H & G but to actually wish that on it.... though I hear the Covent Garden production has a rather unsettling take on the witch's ovens.

Finally got something posted on the Muti Otello. I wasn't as blown away as I expect or wanted to be.

Anonymous said...

if you want to see H& G like this see:,0,0,1,0,0&str=2&snr=417