Saturday, December 13, 2008

Voilà la chanson gentille!

Our girl, Vassiliki Karayanni, is singing her last Olympia next to Rolando Villazón tonight, 13th of December, at the Royal Opera House.

toi toi toi !

Listen to Vassiliki singing the Doll Song
on December the 7th

or watch the video of Vassiliki in the same aria a couple of years ago in Athens.


Harpy said...

Thanks for this. She was brilliant - the audience even stopped coughing to listen. I hope the ROH will book her for something else soon.

maria teresa said...

Muy buena, si señor!!

Por cierto, ¿que significa "toi"?

Parsifal said...

Toi significa suerte en el lenguaje teatro-operistico.