Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chicken soup?

It's time for my "Get-well-soon-Jonas!!!" famous tribal dance (naked at the balcony, while sacrificing a rooster to the Goddess of tenors, under a Full moon).

As mighty Marion informs us:

Jonas musste das Konzert in Stuttgart leider wegen einer Erkältung absagen !!! Ob er in Mannheim singen wird steht noch nicht fest.

Which in english should be something like:

Jonas had unfortunately to cancel the concert in Stuttgart because of a cold!!! Whether he will sing or not in Mannheim is not certain.

Fingers crossed as Jonas is singing in Athens in... eeehmm...OMG! Exactly a week from today!


Here's what seems to be the final setlist of Jonas' Recital:

Gioacchino Rossini

Giacomo Puccini
TOSCA - Recondita Armonia

Giacomo Puccini
LA BOHEME - Che gelida manina

Carl Maria von Weber
OBERON - Ouverture

Friedrich von Flotow
MARTHA - Ach so fromm

Pietro Mascagni

Jules Massenet
WERTHER - Pourquoi me réveiller

- P A U S E –

Giuseppe Verdi

Giacomo Puccini
TOSCA - E lucevan le stelle

Georges Bizet
CARMEN - Suites Nr. 1 und 2

Georges Bizet
CARMEN - La fleur que tu m’avais jetée

Richard Wagner
LOHENGRIN - Vorspiel zum 3. Akt

Richard Wagner
LOHENGRIN - In fernem Land


operanuts said...

May I join in in your dance, Parsi?
It's -10 degrees Celsius here on my balcony, but as we Bavarians say "Ein Indianer kennt keinen Schmerz" (There ain't no pain, we are Indians!)
You heard the latest from CVH?

Parsifal said...

Latest from CHV??? What what what???

operanuts said...

I mean CVH,
Totally confused by your latest news, sorry

Parsifal said...

You got it right, I was the one who wrote CHV...


operanuts said...

Will send you an Email!

Parsifal said...

ok, waiting.

Hariclea said...

I am not sure weather or not to kill you before the cold does it for me!! you better do a good dance, or else you will have the sorry task of entertaining me in Athens in the absence of Jonas ;-)))
But honestly, the most important thing is for him to be healthy, whichever concerts he has to cancel, it is far too dangerous to sing while ill :-(

As i don't plan to commit suicide by sitting outside in the cold, i'll say a prayer to all the saints i know and think postive thoughts!

Willym said...

We are still waiting for pictures from the David Daniels dance!!!! I'll drop by Our Lady of the Strained Vocal Cords down the street and light a candle. I noticed that are still some tickets for his Romeo at Fenice in February... hmm...

Hariclea said...

Willym, watch out for the dates for that Romeo, his are only 19,22, 25 and 28 :-)

Adina said...

Wonder why they have tickets now, they seemed to be sold out. I better don't look closer, I already haven 3 possible hits (and 2 blanks :-( ) that's enough.

maria teresa said...

Si en Atenas está haciendo el mismo frío que en Barcelona, no te aconsejo la danza tribal en el balcón, puedes bailar en el salón de tu casa, o serás tu el que te pongas enfermo y no puedas ir a escuchar y ver a Jonasito!

Adina said...

Your dance may have helped (but I hope that the police didn't arrest your for creating a public mischief :-)).
The concert in Mannheim tomorrow shall take place.

Parsifal said...

Thanks Adina! Received your email as well! 5 days left!